Anatomy of rings. Part 2. Ring shank.

The next part of ring shank is Tapered, Channel, Bead set and Micro pave
Today we speak about "the biggest" part of ring - Shank.

Also you may know it like ring band. Its a part of ring that wraps around you finger. Rings shank may be thin and light or wide and additional part with diamonds.

Let's look at them.

The most common are Cathedral, Fishtail and Pave.

Cathedral shank - traditional style that lifts-up the senter stonehigher off the finger. Its like put the diamond on a pedestal.

Fishtail shank - the small diamonds are lining the shank are held together and separated by small cut-outs shaped.

Pave shank - giving the illusion of the shank being made entirely of one row of the diamonds.

The next part of ring shank is Tapered, Channel, Bead set and Micro pave.

Tapered shank - this shank style can be taper toward the senter stone or outwards along the shank.

Channel shank - in this band style the diamonds are set between two parallel walls of gold. Its add a touch of sparkle and glamour to the ring.

Bead set shank - this shank style including multiple tiny metal beads that line either side of the shank to hold the diamonds in place. The use of many diamonds in shank forms an illusion of a larger stone. Isn't it?

Micro pave shank - this band style is Similar to pave, has multiple rows of diamonds set across the entire surface area.

The last part of ring shank is Knife edge, Interlock, Twist and Split.
Knife edge shank - this style is uniqe by the sharp edge that runs around the outside of the shank. Thin band helps make the diamond look much bigger because it’s more thin.

Interlock shank - this style designed in order to fit the matching wedding bands.

Twist shank - this shank style splits and interlaces around the finger. Ring with band always be extraordinary and conspicuous.

Split shank - this shank style giving the illusion of two rings. Just a little bit of jewelry magic))
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