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Anatomy of rings. Part 4. How to choose a diamond for a ring?

Anatomy of rings. Part 4. How to choose a diamond for a ring?

Today we'll continue with the first episode of our series "Anatomy of rings". I'll tell you how to select a diamond for a ring.

Smaller diamonds are frequently found in the upper areas of shoulder diamond rings, usually from the ring's midpoint to the top of the shoulder where the ring band joins the main setting. Of course, the quantity of diamonds necessary to fill this space varies as much as ring designs. There could be as few as one on each side or as many as thirty in some of the larger circles.

When shoulder diamonds are placed in the band, they can either complement or detract from the primary diamond. It's critical to strike the right mix of size and number of diamonds in order to combine rather than compete with the center stone. It's also vital to think about how the shoulder diamonds would look next to a wedding ring when selecting an engagement ring. This is something that is easily overlooked during the initial thrill of ring shopping.Two diamond-set rings may be too much for some, while others prefer the look of numerous diamond-set bands and may even add a third diamond-set eternity band to complete the set. Which look you prefer is something you should think about early on in the procedure.

The cut shape of the diamonds used in the shoulder area of a ring can be almost any. However, because a diamond cannot be bent, some ring designs will specify that if diamonds are to be put to the shoulder of any given kind of engagement ring, a specific diamond cut must be chosen in preference to others. The round brilliant cut is the most versatile diamond for this because it can be supplied in sizes as small as 0.5 mm and imbedded in almost any curve or shape with enough width to accommodate it, whereas a princess cut or baguette diamond cannot be set in a curve without leaving odd, unsightly gaps in-between the diamonds.

A handful of the shoulder diamond rings I've produced over the years are shown here. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns regarding a particular style.My email

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