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Anatomy of rings. Part 1

Anatomy of rings. Part 1

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to explain to a jeweler what a beautiful wedding ring you want, and the result is: that thing, another beautiful thing, and there is such a brilliant thing, and a stone on top? Did the jeweler manage to understand everything? And did?

In a series of posts, we will consider in detail the entire anatomy of the ring, so you can get exactly what you want)) Let's start with the main parts

part of rings


Everything is simple here. This is the metal strip that wraps around your finger. If the jeweler needs to "adjust" the ring to a certain size, the jeweler adds or removes metal from the bottom of the ring. In the future, when the shank starts to wear out, it can be replaced. While maintaining the previous design of the ring.


This is the place under the stone. Above the finger in the upper part of the ring, at the bottom of the stone jewelers create a certain jewelry pattern. To preserve the integrity of the ring and wear it comfortably, just below it add a gallery that strengthens the ring.


The top of the ring is the place where the stone is attached. We consider ring heads in more detail in a separate series of posts. Now let's just clarify that the central stone is located in the head. There may be smaller side stones near head, and may be additional set of accent stones

We will soon consider the remaining particles of the ring. Therefore, in order not to miss, subscribe to us in the social networks or email

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