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Heya, My name is Lena Zbarsky, let me start by saying that I love weddings! I have always been mesmerized by the beauty of this once-in-a-lifetime occasion ever.
As a little girl, I knew I want to take part in adding color to the most significant day of your life… The elegance, multi-tiered cakes, the stunning flower arrangements, the dance, and of course, THE RING! It’s amazing how all these beautiful things can add more meaning to the binding of two hearts.

I am blessed to have so much love around me. I am married to an amazing man and I am a mother of three adorable kids. They offer me unconditional love and support. They are my world, my inspiration, and my heart. This happiness inspires me more to build a successful life for my family. 

I finished school in Gemology and decided to take my dream further. I am living the dream now! SevenCarat.com has breathed life to that childhood dream. Through this and with my vast network of suppliers, I am able to work with different clients from all walks of life as they trust me and my brand to make top-of-the-line jewelry, commemorative pieces, engagement ring, and wedding bands for them. I deliver diamonds and jewelry of impeccable quality and unique craftsmanship, all at very affordable prices. 

I love seeing you living the happiest moments of your life and I am privileged to be a part of that celebration… To help you cherish the magical times by creating special and meaningful pieces of jewelry as a representation of your love. 

SevenCarat.com will help you express what words cannot.

Each piece of jewelry is thoughtfully crafted from a wide variety of finest quality certified component and can be customized to suit your particular taste, size budget, and color choice.

International certification is provided with every purchase.
I Offer Free Shipping Worldwide and a referral program: ref.sevencarat.com 

My luxurious collection features a wide variety of "yes-worthy" solitaire engagement rings, stunning diamond pendants, and earrings.

Feel free to check my designs at the SevenCarat.com and contact me if you have any questions. Enjoy your shopping!

Sincerely, Lena

Our Jewelry Creation Process