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Valentine's Day Proposals: The Top 8 Engagement Rings

Valentine's Day Proposals: The Top 8 Engagement Rings

What could be more romantic than a Valentine's Day proposal?

It's no surprise that the winter months are among the most popular for getting married. When the year is just getting started and everything is still ahead of you, February offers a plethora of unique venues and activities that are ideal for a proposal.

I am delighted to be a part of such a lovely day. For this Valentine's Day proposal inspiration, I've compiled a selection of some of our most popular diamond engagement rings.

#1. Salt and Pepper diamond engagement ring

The best choice for women who love's one of a kind jewelry. As you know every
salt and pepper diamond is unique and has a special story like you do

#2. 1 ct Black Diamond ring Gatsby style

Baguette diamond rind, Vintage engagement, Art deco ring

#3. Salt and Pepper halo diamond engagement ring

1.5 ct Salt and Pepper diamond engagement ring-Vintage salt and pepper-Halo diamond ring-salt and pepper engagement ring-grey diamond
Vintage salt and pepper ring with 1.5 ct grey diamond

#4. Baguette diamond ring

The style is Art Deco. Diamond cut choices and a splash of color

#5. Salt and Pepper ring with BIG diamond


8.13 сt diamond ring... that says it all

#6. Hexagon wedding set


Hexagon ring with salt & pepper diamond

#7. Gatsby ring

2.5 ct Baguette diamond wedding set in Gatsby style

#8. Art deco Engagement Ring

1 carat flower diamond ring-Art deco Engagement Ring-Flower engagement ring-Promise ring-Leaf ring-Custom Ring-Round engagement-Solid gold
Are you thinking getting a vintage style engagement ring? 
This unique 1 ct diamond flower ring will do the job
If you are interested to design your dream ring or to ask any questions about existing ring. Please contact me via or  the below form
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